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Character Sheet: Bruno



+ Details

+ Sex: Male

+ Age: 52

+ Job: Mathematician, Memory Scientist

+ Historical Figure: Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)



+ Expressive

+ Excited about new discoveries

+ Rebellious

+ Curious




+ Bruno is part of a 4-person crew aboard the space station LUNA

+ His belongings are all over the Secret Room and the Research Room

+ Memory drawings

+ Published books

+ Reference to his statue in the Campo de'Fiori

+ Dominican friar habit

+ His items are scattered


Game Impact


+ Bruno is the controlled by the Player

+ The Creature turns out to be an evolutionary form of Bruno

+ We light the Creature and Player on fire at the end of the game, similarly to Bruno’s execution in 1600

+ Bruno’s memory and sacred geometry drawings resemble our rotunda

+ Because Bruno was a memory scientist and used a combination of letters and geometry to convey his technique for remembering

+ This imagery and his devices work with our cipher and puzzle


Giordano Bruno: Relevant History

+ Considered the bad-boy rebel of Renaissance science and philosophy

+ Famous in Europe for going to the courts of kings and leaders to teach the art of memory

+ Used mnemonic techniques and principles

+ Used sacred geometry

+ Was excommunicated after serving as a Dominican friar

+ Predicted Galileo's findings and popularized them as theories before they were proven

+ Traveled all over Europe, including France, Italy, and Oxford, England

+ Was killed by the Vatican in 1600 for heresy

+ Claimed that multiple worlds in an infinite universe existed

+ Claimed Mary wasn't a virgin

+ Made multiple others claims that infuriated the Catholic Church

+ Burned at the stake in the Campo de' Fiori (outside the present-day Vatican)

+ Today a statue still stands in the square and is visited by those who treat him as a martyr for science

Additional Reading

+ The New Yorker: The Forbidden World

+ Academic articles on Bruno are uploaded on Confluence

+ Giordano Bruno: Philosopher/Heretic

+ Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition

+ Neil De Grasse Tyson's, Cosmos

+ Video of Season 1, Episode 1 (just the Bruno portion)

(Full version available on Netflix)

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