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PC Gamer RPG Roundtable Podcast

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

I had the unique pleasure of sitting with some delightful folks specializing in RPGs this year at GDC. We met in a quiet building a couple of blocks from the Moscone Center and its many thousands of attendees so we could talk shop for an hour. It was a relaxed and lovely hour, making it one of my favorite memories from this year's conference. Many thanks go to Wes Fenlon for organizing and corralling the discussion.

Left to right: Mike Laidlaw, Paweł Sasko, Strix Beltrán, Lis Moberly, and Josh Sawyer. Photo taken by Wes Fenlon.

You can read about the roundtable and find a recording of it here:

A wide swath of AAA RPG developers were represented in our conversation:

Josh Sawyer and myself, Lis Moberly from Obsidian Entertainment, Mike Laidlaw from Yellow Brick Games and formerly BioWare, Strix Beltrán of Hidden Path Entertainment, and of course, Paweł Sasko from CD Projekt Red.

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