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SGDA Game Writing and Narrative Design Panel, 2022

I was happy to chat with the Student Game Developer's Alliance (SGDA) for their summit in June. I was joined by Diandra Lasrado and Isa Party, as well as our moderator Nicolette Bond. This discussion was geared towards people new to game writing or narrative design as a discipline.

Time Stamps

00:45 Introductions

03:10 How do you describe what do you do as game writers and narrative designers in relation to your current job and general experience?

06:58 Is there a right way to career for game writing or narrative design as a career path? Is there a path you would recommend to students?

13:04 Diandra on creating a successful portfolio

14:45 Personal Websites

18:25 How does gameplay impact how you create a narrative experience for your games?

23:10 Working with production and other departments

28:05 The difference in working for indie versus AAA

33:12 Resources for narrative design (books and tools)

38:26 Can you have too much in your portfolio?

45:00 Where you can follow the panelists work

48:00 What projects panelists are working on

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